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Online Dating Advice

Are you looking for love? If you’re serious about finding a partner then consider searching online. The Internet makes it easy for you to find your match. The reason millions of people uses the net for their search is simply:

You can be matched with an ideal mate with less possibility of personal rejection.

There are thousands of sites, even entire networks of affiliated sites promising to find your “soul mate” for only a “reasonable monthly charge.” These online dating services function in a similar way. They allow you to post and read messages from other people and hopefully find someone compatible. Using the Internet for your soul mate search is quicker, cheaper and more convenient than using conventional dating services found in newspapers. Many of the better services, allow advanced searching, as well as the ability to exchange e-mail anonymously.

The Internet allows you to meet a wide variety of people. Online dating sites can be a particularly great way to meet like-minded individuals, especially if you do not live in an urban area.

Your first step will be to register (free of charge) with a dating service. Next you’ll what to fill out your profile. Try to write something that will make you stand out. Also, be descriptive and candid about what you are looking for. Your goal should be quality not quantity. Make a list of the qualities and characteristics you’d like in a new partner.

Try to avoid the obvious-tall, dark, and handsome or blonde, shapely and beautiful-and instead focus on issues of compatibility, communication, behavior, interests, energy, life and relationship goals, personality, and intelligence.

Keep your expectations high (you deserve a quality partner), but also realistic. Divide your preferences into two categories: “must have” and “preferred.”

Try to show off the qualities you want people to notice.

Highlight key elements of your character.

Decide what you want. If you’re looking for love or simply friendship, say so. This will help target people with the same priorities.

Check and recheck your profile thoroughly before you post it.

Change your personal profile as many times as needed. You’ll want to tailor to receive the type of responses you are looking for.

Once you’ve mulled over the dating list, eliminate half the preferred criteria and move a few of your “must haves” to the preferred column.

Finally, list your attributes in order of priority. Remember, while it’s unlikely that anyone will have all of your required attributes, potential partners may offer qualities you haven’t considered but may come to appreciate. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.
While browsing and reading responses to your ad, remember that not everyone else may be honest. In fact, almost everyone lies, at least a little bit about his or her appearance.

Requesting a picture is highly recommended.

There are more men looking for women than women looking for men. Women are more likely to find many attractive options to pick and choose from. This is not to say that as a man you cannot be successful, but you will certainly have more competition.

So, what happens after you meet a likely candidate?

A good way to begin is by exchanging e-mail. If the service you are using supports anonymous re-sending, by all means use it. Remember to not give out too much personal information, such as your real name or telephone number.

You’ll find that some Personal services, offer real time chat.

This can be a great way to practice and hone your flirting skills in a setting where physical appearance, for instance, is less important.

Okay, so everything seems great and you have decided that it is time for a meeting face-to-face; here are some suggestions:

1) Meet in a public location with other people around.

2) Let a friend know where you are going

3) Keep the first meeting short with an easy way to bow out if needed. login
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